International Freight

International Freight

With a diverse fleet to enable freight forwarding across land and sea, and strategically located presence around the world, we offer efficient transport of international freight.

Our global end-to-end logistics capability means we can arrange the transhipment or local delivery of your cleared goods through our integrated network. Alternatively, we can provide you with bonded warehousing to store your freight for later retrieval.

Our in-depth knowledge of border clearance procedures in the world’s economic trade centres allows us to ensure all requirements are met throughout transit, allowing your freight to pass easily across international borders and avoid costly, time-consuming delays.

To ensure your cargo reaches its destination intact and on time, we offer quarantine managementservices to ensure your shipments’ compliance with quarantine requirements specific to its delivery destination. We offer offshore decontamination services for defence force vehicles, vessels and freight, ensuring entry into countries with even the strictest quarantine laws.

Our international freight services

Customs & Border Services

Our cross-border services will help your international shipments clear customs and quarantine as efficiently as possible.