From express city courier services to remote area project work, the strength and breadth of Liberty Marine’s fleet ensures our customers get what they need, when they need it.

Liberty Marine operates an extensive fleet of air, sea, rail and road vehicles and vessels that underpins our service delivery.

Specialized vehicles and vessels adapted to carry certain freight types and sizes, or to operate in different environments, also form part of our fleet allowing us to deliver industry-specific and tailored services to customers and to improve efficiencies across the supply chain.

The technologies we use in our fleets, including GPS and mobile technologies, real-time route planning and intelligent handling solutions, enable us to deliver proactive, transparent and safe solutions to our customers, in a timely and reliable manner.

Such extensive fleet capabilities allow us to offer customers complete services, from safe loading and unloading, to the efficient transport of all types of goods.

Rail – our reliable rail fleet provides cost-effective, streamlined services as part of the multi-modal freight solutions we offer throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

Sea – we operate scheduled, project and charter shipping services. Our sea fleet supports industry-leading service delivery around the globe, from high-traffic hubs to remote locations.

Road – Our fleet serves a wide range of sectors covering long and short distance routes with ad hoc contract and schedule services. Our routes are planned in real time in response to on-road conditions, where possible.

Air – Liberty Marine’s air fleet includes a wide variety of craft, providing private, commercial and government clients with flexible, swift transport to any location. As well as daily, scheduled freight flights, we offer project and charter services and even crisis relief work. We also access belly space on commercial domestic and international craft where required.

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