Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge

Liberty Marine’s fleet encompasses air, sea, road and rail routes, and its networks span the globe.
Currently we started with few peoples but nevertheless our strong team of 15 peoples are fully professional and experience team having experience working in various Main-line Operator airlines and freight forwarding industries. We can handle following types of cargo’s General, Dangerous, Afghan, Diplomatic, Personal effects, Transshipment, Project, inter port movement.
We work with a wide range of organizations- corporations, industrialists and small businesses meeting all their challenges and providing them with cost-effective logistics solutions.

We are committed to knowledge-sharing and continuous improvement through experience, education and the pursuit of best practices. This culture has positioned Liberty Marine to attract excellent talent, build a vast knowledge bank, and develop a strong skillset with which to serve our customers.
Industry expertise

Liberty Marine’s ability to deliver on its service promises has seen us establish deep, lasting relationships with key players in a range of sectors.
Through these relationships, we will develop our logistics capabilities to include

Industry-specific expertise in a number of sectors including:
• Automotive
• Manufacturing
• Mining & Resources
• Retail, FMCG and B2C
• Steel & Industrial
• Humanitarian aid and disaster relief

We undertake to embark upon the latest E-Commerce module so as to facilitate the trade as the maximum.